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Certificate of Deposit

Our certificates of deposit allow you to earn guaranteed returns over a specific period of time, no matter what happens in the financial markets. We offer terms ranging from 90 days up to 60 months and pay competitive interest rates.


  • $1,000.00 minimum required opening deposit
  • CD terms vary from 3 months to 60 months
  • Interest accrued daily and compounded quarterly
  • Interest can be added to CD, checking or savings account with us, or mailed via check
  • Penalty for early closure
    • CD term 12 months and under = 3 month interest penalty
    • CD term 18 -24 months = 6 months of interest penalty
    • CD term 36 -42 months = 12 months of interest penalty
    • CD term 60 months = 18 months of interest penalty


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