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FHA 30 Yr. Fixed Points Payment
3.490% 3.876% APR* -0.045pts $836
VA 30 Yr. Fixed  
3.625% 3.859% APR* -0.250 pts $784
Conventional 30 Yr. Fixed  
4.875% 5.092% APR* -0.145 pts $1,027
Conventional 15 Yr. Fixed  
3.750% 4.180% APR * -0.187 pts $1,164
*APR  = Annual Percentage Rate - this is the cost of credit over the term as the loan expressed as an annual rate. The APR shown here is based on the interest rates and points, it does not include other loan specific finance charges that you may be charged.
*All stated rates are effective as of  7/2/2019 and are based on a home purchase transaction of $200,000, a minimum down payment of $40,000, a loan amount of $160,000 and repayment term as stated. Payments are estimated on a monthly basis and include principal and interest only. They do not include taxes and insurance which make the actual total payment obligation greater. The stated APR is the lender's standard rate for a borrower with a 750 credit score. The actual rate may vary depending upon each individual's credit history and transaction specific underwriting factors.  30 year term= 360 months and applies to 30 year conventional, FHA, and VA loans.  15 year term = 180 months and applies to 15 year conventional loans. All loan programs, rates terms, and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Rate scenarios are based on a 30 day lock. Rates may acutally be different from this page, and rates may change at anytime and without notice on this page.  NMLS#402641.  NMLS Consumer Access Site


Consumer Awareness

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Online Banking Tips to Keep Your Accounts Secure 

1. Monitor your accounts regularly.
2. Avoid clicking through emails.
3. Change your passwords regularly....
4. Access your accounts from a secure location.
5. Protect your computer.
6. Check for encryption.
7. Keep your system up-to-date.

For more in depth look about online banking security, check out this article from U.S. News & World Report:  Online Banking Tips To Keep Your Accounts Secure


February Edition of "Tech Bytes"

Have questions about how to conduct online banking transactions securely...then take a look at PCB Tech Bytes!


2/18/2015:  Report lost or stolen PCB debit cards!

If you have a lost or stolen Peoples Community Bank Debit Card, than call 1-866-546-8273 anytime 24/7!


12/18/2014:  ATM Skimming and how it works!

The devices planted on ATMs are usually undetectable by usersóthe makers of this equipment have become very adept at creating them, often from plastic or plaster, so that they blend right into the ATMís facade. The specific device used is often a realistic-looking card reader placed over the factory-installed card reader. Customers insert their ATM card into the phony reader, and their account info is swiped and stored on a small attached laptop... or cell phone or sent wireless to the criminals waiting nearby.

In addition, skimming typically involves the use of a hidden camera, installed on or near an ATM, to record customersí entry of their PINs into the ATMís keypad. We have also seen instances where, instead of a hidden camera, criminals attach a phony keypad on top of the real keypad ... which records every keystroke as customers punch in their PINs.
This article has some very useful information.


11/25/2014:  Each Tuesday on the PCB FB Page

Starting today we will be posting helpful tips to keep you safe while online.  We will be calling this "Technology Tuesday" and all facebook posts will have the hash tag #PCBProtect so that you can find all the posts easily in the future.  With the holidays approaching here are 7 tops to avoid ID theft while shopping with an iPad(or any mobile device for that matter) - click here for further details.

  1. Secure the basics.
  2. Update your apps and iOS frequently.
  3. Use a secure wireless connection.
  4. Shop only at secure website's.
  5. Don't jailbreak your iPad.
  6. Don't leave your credit card number on file with stores.
  7. Watch out for e-mail phishing scams.


11/14/2014:  Phishing, Pharming & Spoofing

Online criminals are hard at work 24/7 to try and steal your information.  So when you are online via desktop or mobile device, be aware that someone could be attempting to access your personal information.  PCB has created two brochures that are available in branch or by clicking below to help educate our customers of the dangers of "Phishing, Pharming & Spoofing".


10/21/2014:  Don't Be an On-line Victim: How to Guard Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams

Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States, and has ranked as one of the top consumer concerns for the past several years. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has produced a multimedia presentation to help consumers protect themselves from identity theft. The presentation provides information on steps consumers should take to secure their computer and protect themselves from identity theft, as well as actions consumers should take if they become a victim of identity theft. Financial institutions are encouraged to make the link available to their customers from their website's.

Click here for an FDIC YouTube video.


Important Message Regarding Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8:

As of April 2014, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP with security updates or technical assistance, making this operating system susceptible to security breaches and viruses.   Due to this vulnerability, it is expected that Windows XP computers may be targeted by criminals and hackers seeking access to personal and account information. 

Because most Windows XP machines are not able to upgrade beyond Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), our online banking service provider has maintained limited support for IE8  for the past year.

However, support of IE8 for PCB Online Banking will end on June 26, 2014. 

After this date, you will still be able to log in to PCB Online Banking using IE8.  The screens may look different, and some functions may not work, however.  It is possible that at some point our service provider may block access to PCB Online Banking in IE8.

If you are using Windows XP or Internet Explorer 8 to access PCB Online Banking, it is important that you consider making arrangements to use the service from a supported system.  Some Windows XP machines can be upgraded to a newer operating system, which could then run a newer version of Internet Explorer.  You can also try using an alternate browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

As always, to ensure the security of your online banking session keep your operating system, internet browser, and anti-virus & malware protection up-to-date.